Crown Asia Pacific Limited , we have well equipped facilities for temperature-controlled storage, advanced security systems, inventory management and multiple other services to provide you with an end-to-end supply chain service. Our purpose-built warehouses are in good hands of our professional teams that are here to provide you with instant, comprehensive and efficient solutions to match your requirements. Our global presence and extensive network of clients has led us to increase our capacity around the world.

Our services include:
  • Storage Solutions:
    Secure, climate-controlled storage facilities to accommodate a wide range of products.
    Flexible storage options including pallet storage, bulk storage, and rack storage.
    Inventory management systems for real-time tracking and monitoring of stock levels.
  • Order Fulfillment:
    Efficient order processing and fulfillment services to meet your customers’ demands.
    Pick and pack services tailored to your specific product requirements.
    Same-day or next-day shipping options for expedited delivery.
  • Inventory Management:
    Advanced inventory tracking systems to maintain accurate stock levels.
    Regular cycle counts and inventory audits to prevent stockouts and overstocking.
    Customized inventory reports for better decision-making and forecasting.
  • Cross-Docking Services:
    Streamlined transfer of goods from inbound to outbound shipments for faster turnaround times.
    Reduced handling and storage costs by bypassing traditional warehousing procedures.
    Improved supply chain efficiency and responsiveness to changing market demands.